Charlie Barrett

1887 – 1979

Charlie Barrett was born in Keel, Achill Island in 1887. He was one of seven children born to Michael Barrett and Bridget Lavelle. His grandfather Charlie Barrett had been evicted from his home in Dugort and he moved to Keel before the famine in 1845.

Charlie was a teacher in Dooagh school and became involved in establishing Scoil Acla in 1910. His father Michael had been a teacher before him. Charlie left Achill and in 1919, he married Bridget McLoughlin who hailed from near Boyle in Co. Roscommon. They settled in Liverpool where Charlie was employed as a bookkeeper on the Liverpool docks. He was part of an IRA cell which operated in Liverpool. During this time the cotton warehouses in Liverpool were burned down. Charlie was arrested and interred.

After the treaty Charlie and his wife returned to Ireland and they became involved in the civil war on the republican side in the Mayo area. Charlie was again interred and on his release was unable to get a teaching post due to his republican background. However because of their republican and anti British views the Christian Brothers gave him a teaching post in one of their Dublin schools.

Having been twice on hunger strike while interred, which affected his health, Charlie had to give up teaching in the 1930’s. His wife however taught for several years later.

Charlie Barrett died in Dublin in 1979.


Biography provided by Tony Gallagher Keel for Scoil Acla 2010