Cuilteáil – Quilting

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Have you ever wondered what was involved in making a traditional quilt? – Find out at Scoil Acla!

In essence, quilting is the process of sewing multiple layers of material together to form a thicker, warmer structure. A quilt is divided into three layers: the Quilt Top, the Wadding and the Backing. Quilters often like to use a ‘quilt sandwich’ analogy when describing this combination – as a sandwich is divided into three main layers, so is a quilt in a similar sense. The Quilt Top features the main design of the quilt, while the Wadding is used as padding and the Backing is usually cotton fabric to help hold the Wadding in.

To stitch the quilt layers together, there are several common stitches used for both functionality and decoration – the most common being a basic running stitch. Generally speaking, creating a quilt involves a variety of other techniques alongside sewing the layers together. The Quilt Top can be created from bespoke patchwork patterns or different forms of applique, and embroidery can be added as embellishment. On many quilts, a combination of these techniques is used.

Learn from our tutor Sheila Mangan on all that is involved in making a traditional Irish quilt.

Seo seans duit rud nua a fhoghlaim a bhaineann leis ár n-oidhreacht.

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